Dr. Reckeweg Products

R 1 Inflammation drops

R 2 Gold drops

R 3 Heart drops

R 4 Diarrhoea drops

R 5 Stomach drops

R 6 Influenza drops

R 7 Liver & gallbladder drops

R 8 Cough syrup

R 9 Cough drops

R 10 Climacteric drops

R 11 Rheuma drops

R 12 Calcification drops

R 13 Hemorrhoidal drops

R 14 Nerve and sleep drops

Vita-C 15 Nerve tonic

Vita-C 15 forte Nerve tonic, forte version

R 16 Migraine and neuralgia drops

R 17 Tumour drops

R 17F
Tumour ampoules

R 18 Kidney and bladder drops

R 19 Glandular drops for men

R 20 Glandular drops for women

R 21 Reconstituant drops

R 22 Drops for nervous disorders (anginous condition of the heart)

R 23 Eczema drops

R 24 Pleurisy, intercostal neuralgia

R 25 Prostatitis

R 26 Draining and stimulating drops

R 27 Renal calculi drops

R 28 Dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea

R 29 Vertigo, syncope

R 30 Universal ointment

R 31 Energises the appetite, increases blood supply, strengthens the liver

R 32 Hyperhydrosis of varying genesis

R 33 Constitutional treatment in epilepsy

R 34 Recalcifying drops

R 35 Teething aches drops

R 36 Diseases of the nerves, chorea, St. Vitus' dance

R 37 Intestinal colic drops

R 38 Affections of the abdomen, right side

R 39 Affections of the abdomen, left side

R 40 Treatment of diabetes

R 41 Sexual neurasthenia drops

R 42 Venous stasis, varicosis, inflammation of the veins

R 43 Against asthma – asthmatic constitution

R 44 Disorders of the blood, hypotony

R 45 Illnesses of the larynx and upper breathing apparatus

R 46 In rheumatism of fore-arms and hands

R 47 All hysteric complaints

R 48 Pulmonary diseases

R 49 Acute and chronic catarrh, sinusitis

R 50 Gynaecological sacroiliac complaints, pains in sacral region (women)

R 51 Thyroid intoxication

R 52 Vomiting, nausea, travel sickness

R 53 Acne vulgaris, rash at puberty

R 54 Functional disturbances of the brain

R 55 All kinds of injuries, healing effect on wounds

R 56 Vermifuge

R 58 Against hydrops, stimulates the renal function.

R 59 Against obesity, slimming effect

R 60 Blood purifier

R 61 Rheumatic ointment

R 62 Measles drops

R 63 Drops for impaired circulation

R 64 Albuminuria drops

R 65 Psoriasis drops

R 66 Cardiac arrhythmia drops

R 67 Drops for circulatory debility

R 68 Shingles drops

R 69 Drops for pain between the ribs

R 70 Neuralgia drops

R 71 Sciatica drops

R 72 Pancreas drops

R 73 Drops for the joints

R 74 Drops for nocturnal enuresis

R 75 Dysmenorrhoea drops

R 76 Asthma forte drops

R 77 Anti-Smoking drops

R 78 Eye drops – solution for oral administration

R 79 Heart capsules

R 80 Arnica oil

R 81 Maldol – analgesic

R 82 Mycox – anti-fungal drops

R 83 Food-allergy drops

R 84 Inhalent-allergy drops

R 85 High blood pressure drops

R 86 Hypoglycemia drops

R 87 Anti-bacterial drops

R 88 Anti-viral drops

R 89 Essential fatty acids drops

R 90 Stoma tabs

R 91 Sport drops

R 92 Digestive enzyme formula

R 93 Immune system fortifier

R 94 Calendula Succus

R 95 Alfalfa tonic